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⭐️ The Best Moving Truck Rental Service In Ho Chi Minh City

Reputable Truck Rental Company in HCMC

✦ You are a foreigner, you want to hire a truck to load your stuff, move home or relocate business ?

✦ You wonder which is a reliable transport company in HCM city?

✦ You need a truck driver who can speak English?

✦ You need a truck rental service with dedicated staffs moving your stuff carefully?

If you worry about these above things when hiring a moving truck, now you needn’t waste time finding anymore. Nhanh Mai Moi is a trustful truck rental company that many companies have been enjoying.

Established in 2010, Nhanh Mai Moi is proud of effective contribution to business, goods distribution, furniture moving for foreigners. Up to now, Nhanh Mai Moi has been serving truck rental needs for hundreds of customers.

Nhanh Mai Moi has trucks with a variety of loading capacity: small truck 500kg, 1 ton; 1,15 tons; 1,25 tons; 1,4 tons; 1,6 tons; 1,9 tons; 2 tons. We are constantly making a great effort to change better, and bring customers practical values.

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How to get truck rental quote ?

+ Call direct: 0909.568.518 – 0933.027.420

+ Zalo, Viber: 0909.568.518 – 0933.027.420

+ Whatsapp: 0933.027.420

+ Inbox Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/nhanhmaimoi.vn

► If you don’t know what kind of truck, please provides photo of your items, the saleman will give you free consultation

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Nhanh Mai Moi commits to customers these values

1. Integrity

All the activities and negotiations of Nhanh Mai Moi are based on integrity. Nhanh Mai Moi absolutely never misleads customers. This consistent principle is applied through our giving advice, quoting price and performing truck rental service.

Appropriate consultant

If you need to hire a moving truck and movers, Sales Staff of Nhanh Mai Moi will ask you for more details about the stuff and transport conditions so that they can give you exact advice of truck’s load capacity and number of movers.

If you do not know which kind of truck you need, Nhanh Mai Moi will come to your place and estimate without fee.

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Reasonable and only price

When working with transport company, especially “Cheapest Truck Rental Company”, you need to negotiate the price carefully and make sure it is the final one. You are surely satisfied with this issue in Nhanh Mai Moi, we are against shadow cost (*) and give competitive and only price.

*Shadow cost is cost overrun (parking time, toll,..). You will have to pay extra fee beyond negotiated cost.

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Responsible, dedicated service

Nhanh Mai Moi rents trucks with dedication and responsibility. Your stuff are as ours, we move and relocate it carefully following a particular standard, ensuring safety during moving.

Because the staff of Nhanh Mai Moi is not under pressure of sales, we would rather focus on quality than quantity and absolutely never throw your stuff in order to serve other customers in time.

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2. Reliable Service

Supporting Tool: Nhanh Mai Moi supplies full objects for parking and moving such as: rope, carton, rickshaw,… which are convenient for heavy and bulky stuff or entering narrow alley.

Technology: Each truck of Nhanh Mai Moi is equipped with GPS. Wherever you are, you can know exact position and moving route of the truck.

Procedure: Truck Rental Service of Nhanh Mai Moi is conducted according to a standardized procedure, co-operated among 3 departments: Business – Transport system Co-ordinator – Driver – Mover and Packer to ensure that the moving process takes place safely and smoothly.

★ 3-Right: The motto of Nhanh Mai Moi Service is: Right load- Right time- Right price. Nhanh Mai Moi strictly follows regulations when joining traffic. In order to ensure safety for your stuff, we only receive merchandises which have obvious origin, following “ Right load”, “Right time” you required and negotiated “Right price”

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3. Friendly Staffs

The staff of Nhanh Mai Moi is recruited carefully and trained professional skills as well as work ethic. You will be impressed by the image of Nhanh Mai Moi’s drivers who are friendly, polite wearing tidy uniform with smile always on their face- totally different from the image of drivers that people always think in society.

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4. 100% Damage compensation Commitment

If you agree with the price Nhanh Mai Moi suggesting, 2 parties will sign a contract to protect your legal rights. In the contract, there is a very important article to make you feel more secure about moving truck rental of Nhanh Mai Moi.

If your stuff is lost or damaged while using our service in HCMC, Nhanh Mai Moi commits to compensate 100% for damage according to market price at the moving time.

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Welcome to Vietnam, and thank you for choosing HCM city as a place to live and work. Nhanh Mai Moi appreciates the values you contribute to our country. Do not let moving become your concern.

Live hard, work hard, Nhanh Mai Moi will help your moving instead.

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