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The best moving house services for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh.

Mission of Nhanh Mai Moi

Eliminate language barriers, move quickly and safely to help customers have stability in their family life

As a foreigner living in Ho Chi Minh city, you may feel anxious when moving house. There are various problems arising during home relocation process such as language barrier, packing and moving skills, booking house moving service, etc

If you are concerned, don’t worry when you choose Nhanh Mai Moi. You are never disappointed with Nhanh Mai Moi, the brand with more than 10-year experiences in house moving service and the quality affirmed by over 500 Facebook’s 5 Star Rating Reviews.

Customer Review

The name of the company changed from NguyenloiMoving to Nhanh Mai Moi in 01.01.2020

Household Moving Quotes

The moving cost depends on many elements such as the distance, the volume of furniture, the truck load, the moving conditions (floors, alleys, basement,…). Thus almost moving companies in Ho Chi Minh City haven’t have official price list.

For moving quote, please contact via the followings:

+ Zalo, Viber: 0909.568.518 – 0933.027.420 (recommended)

Whatsapp: 0933.027.420

+ Hotline: 0909.568.518 – 0933.027.420

+ Inbox Fanpage:

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Why you should choose Nhanh Mai Moi?

Compared with moving service for Vietnamese customers, moving service such as house moving, office moving, truck rental for expats is required higher and more extreme quality.

Due to the fact that expatriate customers require the high quality of moving service from carefully packing small crockery to professionally loading furniture in truck.

Therefore, Nhanh Mai Moi has tailored the moving package oriented to international quality standards to suit you, the expats in HCMC.

bao bọc đồ đạc

Nhanh Mai Moi’s house moving utilities

1. Packing

Packing materials
Packing Material

Packing household appliances carefully with PE stretch film, PE Foam film, Bubble wrap, kraft paper and carton boxes before moving.

Packing method

Home Moving Service

2. Unpacking


3. Disassembling and Reassembling

Thao Lap May Lanh

Household electrical appliances: Air conditioner, Fridge, Washing machine, TV, Water heater,…

bao bọc bàn ghế

Big-sized furniture: Bed frame, Sofa, Wardrobe,…

4. Moving

công ty thuê xe tải nhành mai mới

Trucks new > 90% of the famous Brands like Hyundai, Thaco, Isuzu,…

hệ thống định vị GPS

Trucks equipped with Smart maps and GPS

5. Movers

nhân viên chuyển nhà

English speaking movers, Friendly and polite movers with Nhanh Mai Moi’s uniform

Package Types

xe tải 1 tấn

Basic moving house service

With this package, you are in charge of assembling and packing your household goods, then hiring our truck to move from old house to the new one.

This is the most economical package for you, however, it takes you such a great deal of time and effort to do all the things. You can save much money when choosing this option

cho thuê xe tải chở hàng tphcm

Economical moving house service

With this package, you just pack the simple stuff into carton boxes or nylon bags, Nhanh Mai Moi will disassemble big-size furniture and machines then move them to your new home.

This package is suitable for you if you have enough free time to pack yourself. You do not have to spend too much money as  full package.

dịch vụ cho thuê xe tải

Full moving house service

With this package, Nhanh Mai Moi will be responsible for all the stages including packing, assembling and moving. You don’t have to do anything. 

Nhanh Mai Moi is proud of being a good full service moving company with professional household packers and movers in Ho Chi Minh city

Have a look at Nhanh Mai Moi’s home moving process including 6 steps:

+ Moving items

+ Address of old place and new place

+ Moving condition

+ Package of moving

+ Moving time

For quick quote, you can send  photos of the furniture via Zalo, Viber or Whatsapp (0933.027.420), the sale executives will give quote of home moving service within 15 minutes.

If your furniture is too much or you do not have time to send  information, moving house company will assign staff to come your home to do survey and collect information before quoting. You don’t need to pay any cost.

As soon as select all information, sale executives will call you back and give quotes. In case you agree with the price Nhanh Mai Moi refer, two parties will sign the contract of household removal.

At scheduled time, like other moving companies, Nhanh Mai Moi will carry out the removal under the terms of the contract. You have full control over local household movers during moving process. Nhanh Mai Moi encourages customers to supervise this process.

Customers only pay after checking all furniture safely and satisfied with the household moving serviceNhanh Mai Moi supports to export VAT (+ 10%) in case customer needs.

Complete orders does not mean that Nhanh Mai Moi releases from responsibilities. After 1-2 days, the customer care executives will contact to get your feedbacks on the quality of residential moving service and resolve arising problems or complaint (if any).

7 Frequently asked questions

Nhanh Mai Moi is a transportation company established in 2010. We provide many services of transportation including : truck rental, home moving and office moving.

Since the establishment, Nhanh Mai Moi is instantly making great efforts to improve our service’s quality and bring customers more practical benefits. Customers know Nhanh Mai Moi as the prestigious house moving company in HCMC.

  • Distance from old home to new place
  • Volume of furniture
  • Moving conditions (floor, alley, basement, lobby… )
  • Moving package: packing, truck rental only, truck rental and movers or full package

You should better contact us at least 2 days before moving days to make sure that our service is available at that day. Our move consultants can assist with delivery dates, additional moving services (packing, unpacking, mover, etc.) and any questions you may have about the process.

If there is any change of your move date, please contact the move consultant at least 1 day.

You can contact our hotline 0909.568.518 – 0933.027.420 from 7.30 am- 9 pm to support even Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, Nhanh Mai Moi ensures to compensate 100% for any damaged stuff if the fault comes from Nhanh Mai Moi.

Not if the estimate is not written in contract. Make sure all estimates are in written in contract. If it’s in agreement, movers legally obligated to follow the estimate. If you add items or request additional services, the movers are not obligated to move them.

For requested additional services at either origin or destination, the total cost will increase.

You can pay in cash or by credit cards. If you pay by credit card, you should discuss with relocation consultant to your shipment.

If you are moving to a home, the moving house quote are based on the volume of your stuff and moving distance. Typically, you can send the photo of your moving items via Zalo or Viber to move consultants or the relocation consultant will arrive at your home to complete the visual survey of your items.

Once this is completed, the move consultant will calculate the weight, packing cost and any other charge related to your demand to give you a quote. Remember that the relocation consultant must clearly see what you are moving in order to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Thank you for choosing HCM as your place to live and work. We appreciate the values you make for our country.

With Nhanh Mai Moi, removal is not only to move insentient objects from one place to another, but also bring about new beginning with happiness and success.

All luck and good things will followed by smooth home moving journey.

dịch vụ chuyển nhà trọn gói tphcm

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